Sorgente REM

Sorgente REM is a society of Sorgente Group Italia active in the field of conservative restoration of valuable properties, monumental complexes, architectural, artistic and archeological assets. It owns certifications SOA for OG1 (Classifica IV), OG2 (Classifica VI), OS2-A (Classifica III-Bis), OS25 (Classifica II), ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.




Registered and Operational Office: Via del Tritone n, 132– 00187 ROME
R.E.A. 979061 – Codice Fiscale/Partita IVA e Reg. Imprese di Roma 06606351002 - Capitale sociale: € 120.000
Tel. (+39) 06.5834.5315 – Fax (+39) 06.90219049
Company subject to management and coordination activity by Sorgente Group S.p.A.